The cARTel


We are all about art, creation,

imagination and the sharing

of collective knowledge.

Do you like to spend time with other creative people?  Do you want to learn new techniques, new methods, and new mediums?  Do you enjoy the camaraderie of different types of people who inspire you to take that brave first step?  Come check us out.

My sister, Jen Rothstein, and I created this group in December of 2015 in honor of our exceptionally talented parents.

Our mother, Dorie Johnson, who passed in 2015, was a very notable watercolor, and sketch artist during the 70’s and 80’s here in Arizona.  She was most prolific during this time period as an artist, and then during the 1990’s, her and my father owned and operated a custom framing for artwork business.  Their shop, “Frames by Dorie” located in Gilbert, Arizona, was very successful for many years.  I and my siblings are blessed with many of her creations, but mostly with the life lessons she taught us.

Our father, John Johnson Jr., who passed on in 2007, worked for Motorola as an engineer for many years.  In his spare time he explored, learned and mastered many different art forms.  Mostly he practiced photography, gem cutting, silver smithing, lost wax casting, and wood working.  Everything he created was exceptional and I am blessed with not only the knowledge he passed on to me, but many of his creations as well.

Having two incredibly talented, artistic, parents who encouraged us from the beginning to try new things, has led to this opportunity for my sister and I.  We feel a deep passion and desire, not only for creating, but for sharing our knowledge.

The cARTel has helped us grow in ways we never expected, or even thought possible.  We’d like to invite you to check us out online, read about our past meetings and events, join for free and then come to our studio and start growing artistically.